Two Fun Outdoor Summer Art Activities

It’s great to be able to take advantage of the warmer weather and spend more time outdoors. And there are so many fun activities to be had, especially when it comes to art! So here are just a couple of art projects that are perfect for summer, and that anyone can have fun doing.

Splatter Painting

If you think this sounds messy, you’re completely right. But messy splatter is no problem if it’s done outdoors!

This super fun activity is very versatile in what you can create, and is all about big fun colours and patterns. It can be done on canvas, paper, or even cardboard, and you can use any kind of paint.

Materials Needed
  • Paint (watercolour or acrylic or other art paint)
  • Cups
  • Spoon or brush
  • Paper or canvas or cardboard

Mix a bit of paint with a few spoonfuls of water in a cup and mix it well. You don’t want to dilute the paint too much, but if it’s more liquidy the easier it splatters.

Lay out your paper on the ground and have at it! Dip a brush into the liquid paint and flick your wrist to splatter the paint around. You can use a spoon for a bit more splatter and bigger droplets.

Experiment with a range of splatter motions, from brief wrist flicks to bigger movements with your whole arm. See what happens when you splatter close to the surface or from further away.

Continue splattering around with one or more colours until you’re happy with the result, then simply let dry.

Land Art

Art is all around us. When you’re out walking around a beach or a park or a trail you can always find something to create art from. Let nature inspire you!

This is an activity anyone can do, whether solo or with kids. Next time you’re out for a walk really see what there is around you. Observe the colours and shapes and forms that nature provides. Gather some material that appeals to you, whether it’s because of their colour or shape or whatever else, and make a pattern, swirl, circle, spiral, or anything else you like with what you have found.

For example, you can take pebbles and arrange them on the ground in a swirl pattern. Or collect a bunch of leaves from different plants and thread them onto sticks to display them.

Then simply take a picture and leave your art behind. Land Art is not a permanent display to be taken home, but rather something to be enjoyed in just that moment.

Take advantage of the warmer weather and spend time outside making art, whether it’s messy paint or inspired by nature and left behind. Art is something of course that can be done all year long, but there’s something very special about being able to do it outdoors. If you do either of these activities please send me a picture, so go out and create!

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