The Benefits Of Doing Art for Teenagers

We’ve often touched on some of the benefits that taking art classes and developing an interest in art can have for children, but this is also something universal, as children of all ages can benefit from flexing their creative muscles!

And so in this post we’re going to look in a little more detail at how art can help teenagers, from a form of creative expression, to a skill to develop, to a way of helping with their emotional wellbeing.

A Form Of Self Expression

I’m sure we all remember exactly how tumultuous and heightened teenage emotions can be, something that can make expressing those feelings and emotions through words even more difficult. Art can give them another language for voicing their feelings, allowing them a way of expressing themselves without the need to find the right words.

This isn’t just true of personal feelings—art is also a great pathway for allowing them to let their imaginations run wild. Education in particular can be prohibitive, and it’s important for teenagers to have a place where they can simply indulge their creative sides with no limitations or constraints. This freedom is something I always look to allow in my classes, without a set focus on doing things the one right way.

Develop Self Control And Forming Good Habits

For teenagers there is a lot happening in their life, including a number of important academic and personal development stages, and trying to impose a sense of order and control onto their lives can be a struggle.

Art isn’t just a creative outlet, it’s a practice, and something that can stimulate their minds. By developing their own art skills, they can also begin to develop important habit forming routines, and exercise a sense of self control and personal autonomy that will allow them to feel a greater sense of order and calm.

Art can also be an almost meditative practice, a way of stepping outside of daily routines and finding a place for introspection and slowing down. This is something that can be a great way of not only managing stress, but of developing a routine that allows for self care and prioritises wellbeing over pure productivity.

Inspiring Confidence

Confidence is hugely important for anyone—and especially for teenagers. And artistic expression can be incredible when it comes to helping boost confidence, as they see their own skills develop, as well as build their own excitement and comfort with their artistic practice, they can also develop an improved sense of self confidence and self worth that will prove to be rewarding and beneficial across all aspects of their lives.

Our classes are aimed at helping children across a range of ages and skill levels find their own passion for art and avenue for creative expression, with a student led focus that puts the emphasis on self discovery rather, as this is the ideal setting for someone looking to find a new passion. Our newest class is aimed at those aged 14+ and it is taught by the wonderful Keisha Rowe, see here for more information!

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