Sip And Draw

Unleash your inner artist

Welcome to Studio 48’s Sip and Draw classes, where art meets relaxation, and creativity flows as freely as the spirits in your glass. Elevate your artistic experience with a unique blend of socializing, self-expression, and a touch of liquid inspiration.

Unwind in our cozy Leith studio with drinks, drawing, and great company.

We’ve got you covered with necessary art supplies and aprons, just remember to wear your comfiest, well-worn clothing.

Our Sip and Draw classes

are led by passionate instructors who not only love art but also understand the joy that comes from creating in a stress-free atmosphere. With step-by-step guidance and encouragement, our instructors ensure that every participant, regardless of skill level, feels confident and inspired to explore their artistic capabilities.

All you need to bring is your enthusiasm and a spirit of adventure. As you let your creativity flow onto the canvas, feel free to enjoy the companionship of your fellow creators and sip on your preferred beverage.

A social art experience

Sip and Draw classes at Studio 48 are more than just art sessions; they’re social gatherings where you can connect with others who share a love for creativity. Break the ice, share stories, and build camaraderie as you paint, sip, and draw together. It’s a fantastic way to make new friends or enjoy a unique evening out with your existing ones.

Join us for a relaxing evening of art, drinks, chat, and creative expression.

Cheers to fantastic and imaginative night 🥂