Healing and Being Creative Through Art

Creativity is a great way to cope with stress, and in these challenging times I believe we can look to art and creativity as a way to express difficult emotions and restore a sense of calm.

Artists are sensitive to the change in season and other people’s emotions, and over the years I have often felt the need to self isolate as I was too sensitive to some external situations. But art is a way to cope – and thrive – in a busy world.

My art is a way of expressing myself. As a child I suffered from chronic shyness, I struggled to talk to anyone and was bullied quite badly. I moved about quite a bit and often had difficulty fitting in, but found solace in the calm and focus of the art room, and as an adult that has continued.

I found my art to be a comfort in times when I needed to be apart from the world and navigate my own challenges.

Every piece I make is not about perfection – the work will never be perfect. But each piece is perfect in its imperfections because it has come from a very special part of yourself. A part that is buried deep within us. Art is about learning self-acceptance and pushing through that resistance.

Art can heal and translate the chaos into order. We can be still and listen to our soul. And now that our world is so eerily quiet, it is the perfect time to reflect and look inside into our inner creative self.

Each of us needs to find something that can comfort us and express our fears and emotions, and art is my way of restoring an inner calm and peace.

Let’s make art together <3

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