Be Creative With Mixed Media Art

Creating art should be about embracing imagination without limitation, regardless of your age or skill level. After all, the world of art is a literal blank canvas for you to bring your own personality, ideas, and imagination to. And nothing embodies that more than the world of mixed media art.

Put simply, mixed media art is a piece that uses at least two different mediums, with an emphasis on combining and experimenting between a variety of forms.

To help you get an idea of the potential of mixed media creations, and a little bit on just why these pieces can be so much fun to work with, here’s a little more on some of the simplest ways you can get into mixed media at home.

Mixed Media Painting

One of the best ways of making painting an even more exciting and creatively freeing experience is to incorporate mixed media techniques into your activities, and when it comes to mixed media painting, there’s so many different possibilities for you to try!

One of the best ways to make something really unique with mixed media painting is to play around with some of the materials you use. This could mean using another material instead of a brush, and for this, I’d definitely say let your imagination run wild and just experiment with some found objects.

Or by adding different textures and materials to your canvas, whether that’s craft materials such as foil and tape, or found objects like pebbles and flowers.

Mixed Media Journaling

Journalling is a great way of exploring your artistic and creative sides, without the pressure or constraint of a more fixed project, and this also makes it a great fit for mixed media creations.

With an art journal, you can use creativity to document ideas, feelings, projects, even to schedule your days. In doing this, you can play around using paints, pen and pencils, abstract textures, found objects, collage, and any other mixed techniques that take your fancy.

Mixed Media Clothing

Customising clothing with art isn’t just one of the most fun and creative mixed media activities you can do, it’s also a great way of standing out and expressing your identity.

If you’re looking to get more art into your or your family’s life, I still have spots available across my children’s classes, as well as the exciting addition of adult classes. These will be taught by the great Rosemary Taylor, see here for more details! And for more information about all my latest classes and projects or follow me on Facebook!

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