About Us

Nurturing creativity in a positive atmosphere

Welcome to Studio 48, where art becomes an immersive experience, and every stroke is a celebration of creativity. I’m Sally-Ann Johns, the founder and instructor at Studio 48, and I’m on a mission to create a mini art college experience that goes beyond conventional art classes.

At Studio 48, ​

we believe in fostering a positive and supportive atmosphere that not only nurtures artistic talent but also builds confidence in each student.

In my classes, we go beyond the canvas, delving into the rich tapestry of art history and learning to appraise each other’s work effectively. What sets us apart is our unique approach to critique – no negative criticisms allowed. Instead, we hold up our pieces and share positive comments, creating an environment where every student feels encouraged to showcase their work.

Many emerging artists

face the challenge of presenting their work due to fear of harsh criticism. I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of positive feedback in my students. By establishing a safe and supportive space, we instill confidence that extends far beyond the art studio. I’m passionate about creating an atmosphere that is non-critical, focusing on the joy and pleasure of the artistic process rather than solely on academic outcomes.

All classes at Studio 48 are personally taught by me in my working studio, creating an intimate and authentic learning environment. With 20 years of experience in the arts, from crafting and selling pieces to exhibiting internationally, I’ve dedicated the last 8 years to running classes and workshops. From beginners to aspiring art college graduates, I believe that everyone deserves access to art education in a warm and supportive atmosphere.

Teacher's Bio

Sally-Ann has pieces in collections worldwide, New York, London, Amsterdam, Dubai and Singapore.​

She is represented in the following galleries. Click on the links below to see what works are available:

Byard Art, Cambridge 

Wychwood Art, Oxfordshire

Union Gallery, Edinburgh

Green Gallery, Dollar

Aubergine Art, Wimbledon, London 

Signet Gallery, Chelsea, London

Biscuit Factory, Newcastle

Irok Gallery, Netherlands

Join the creative journey

I find immense joy in witnessing the transformation of my students – from hesitant creators to confident individuals eager to share their artistic expressions. Studio 48 is more than an art studio; it's a haven where positivity fuels creativity, and every student is encouraged to flourish. ​ Come, join us at Studio 48, and let's explore the world of art together in a warm, supportive, and positively inspiring atmosphere.